Month: July 2012

Trinity Trails Ranch Weekend

This weekend we had a mini-getaway with our foundations group [only the best couples group ever].  We ventured down to Hillsboro to spend the weekend at Trinity Trails Ranch.  Friday night we showed up with the Browns and started cooking for dinner.  Len and I planned fajitas and margaritas!  It was a yummy meal, and I’m so bummed I don’t have a picture of it.  Of course, we made guacamole and queso blanco.  We finished the night off by playing one of my favorite games…The Game of Things.  If you haven’t heard of it you should look it up.  We had such a great time!

Our meals for the weekend were incredible.  The J. Browns made delicious chicken tacos and cheese-y corn.  The Bennetts made hamburgers, fries and yummy baked beans.  And the Escobars made delicious hash-brown egg critter things and apricot breakfast cake.

This is a picture of the yummy breakfast courtesy of the S. Browns from Saturday morning.  Let me tell you…that was definitely one of the best plate of pancakes ever!

The guys loaded up Saturday morning to go to the field to shoot skeet for the morning.  Here they are below ready to head out. I think too many ladies were taking pictures…so I didn’t have one of all the guys looking at me.

We ladies ventured to go antique shopping.  I didn’t find anything that caught my eye – which I’m sure Len was very happy about! Though, we did find this nice old pan reading a story in front of the library.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to listen in on story time.

We made our way to the lake in the late afternoon, and boy was it nice to float around in the water.  Unfortunately there wasn’t any major sun happening. 😦  I don’t have any pictures from the lake, but let me tell you – Chaca had a BLAST in the water.  She started jumping in right away and was loving it.  Len and I woke up Sunday morning to go canoeing in the lake and the weather was PERFECT.  Again, Chaca loved being in the water.

The weekend was full of great conversation, games, laughter, fun stories and so much more.  God has really blessed Len and I with an incredible group of couples who are striving for their marriages to be more and more Christ-like. So excited for our next weekend getaway when the Newcomes can join us!!

Until next time…