Am I washing feet?

Yesterday we learned about washing feet. About helping those through the help we’ve received from Christ. God really shook me on this one yesterday. In John 13, Jesus washed his disciples feet. It’s incredible if you think about it.  Jesus, the savior of the world, knelt down and washed Peter’s feet.  The significance of this goes beyond Jesus being a Rabbi who ordinarily would never do such a thing. In this timing, it was the servants who washed the feet of those who entered a house – never a Rabbi washing feet!  

And then it shook me further. This chapter wasn’t just about Jesus washing Peter’s feet.  But about giving the disciples a glimpse of what was to come. John 13:8 “…Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.”  The only way we can be cleansed is if we come to Jesus – no other way. It’s because of His actions, His death, His sacrifice that we are made new!  So grateful that He has cleansed me. 

As I’ve been studying God’s word leading up to Easter and preparing myself for this season in a way so vastly different than I have before my heart aches for God, the Father, and the sacrifice He had to make for this world.  He had to give up His Son in order for us to live.  Talk about a internal battle. The Father had to choose between His Son and us.  If that doesn’t rock your world and make you feel loved then I don’t know what will!

What’s more is He loves us as we are. He loves us regardless of the dirt we have on our feet. He loves us wholly. He loves us greater than we could ever put down in words.  How are we using that love?  Am I loving others around me well? Am I washing the feet of the people around me who need it?

We need to leverage our power for those who have none.  I pray that the Lord reveal to me how I can do that in these weeks leading up to Easter.  I want to wash feet.  Will you join me?

You really should listen/watch the message that we heard yesterday. It was fantastic:

— Oh, and for those of you who know me really well.  You have to laugh at that statement above. I want to wash feet. I, the one who has been squeamish about feet since I was little, want to wash someone’s dirty feet!


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