Office Mood Board

So, since I started working from home I’ve been a busy bee with planning/designing my home office!  Below is a quick glimpse of my inspiration board for the space. I’d love to know what you think. My goal is to have my office completed by the end of April!

I could seriously decorate my whole house in turquoise, but then I realize that I would probably get bored to quickly…hopefully the blue below in my color scheme is different enough, but still cures my craving for some lovely blues!  Yellow is a color, according to research, that warms people and makes them feel happy – not to mention I just love the color. So I thought it would be a nice color to use in the office since I’ll be spending most of my week in there!



1) Desk – I love, love, love the legs on this desk.  When I saw this desk and how easy it was for the blogger to make it, my hubby and I quickly drew up plans. I’ll wait to reveal the desk as I still have to paint it. 🙂

2) Rug – I’m thinking about a rug with a similar pattern to this one. I love the trellis type patterns, but I want to make sure I don’t get carried away and have the same style rug in all rooms of our house.  I’m leaning toward a yellow/white rug, but would love to throw in one of the accent colors from my colors cheme.

3) Curtains – I am planning on making the curtains myself.  Cannot wait for this to come to fruition.  I was planning on going to a fabric store today during my lunch break, but then a lovely, lovely thunder/lightening storm blew in so I am not going out in that.  (For those of you who don’t know — I am terrified of thunder.  Lightening is fine, but the sound scares me crazy!)

4) Office Chair – I have a parsons chair that needs upholstering and thought that would be a fun office chair to have not to mention a neat statement piece.  The only problem is they aren’t necessarily ergonomic! 

5) Desktop Design – Love this DIY oversized mousepad!  Thinking about making something similar (maybe in the teal color). 

6 & 7) Closet Organization – I want to make sure my office closet is well organized.  This will house my work supplies, craft supplies and my gift wrap station.  I already have the hardware for the gift wrap organizer so I’m excited to install that this week.  I love this idea of buying wood crates and getting cute bins to store things inside of them.  We’ll see where I net out!

If you want to see the original posts about the items in my mood board you can check out my Office Inspiration board on pinterest:

Would love to know what you think!


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