God’s comma

This morning I was reminded how thankful I am for God’s comma.

Sometimes it’s easy to look at our current storm and be bogged down by the circumstances we’re in. If I look back at the past almost four years I’m shocked to see the things that God has thrown my family’s way. I’ve had to say goodbye to a father, a grandfather and so much more. We had the scare of my mom having a serious heart attack six months after my dad died. It was all too much. At times it felt like the world was closing in, but then again – there were so many people praying for us. There were so many people praying when we couldn’t. There was God carrying us when we couldn’t go any further.

I could have let these circumstances overwhelm me and throw me off course, but then I’d be letting satan win. Isn’t that his goal? He wants to take our focus off of The Lord.  My dad passed away four months before my wedding. It was such a delicate time, but thank God that He had a beautiful story for me. Yes, I lost my father who was my hero, my coach, the spiritual leader of our family and my friend, but I was about to gain a husband, a help mate and my anam cara. Our family has become even closer.

I’m not saying that the journey has been easy because I promise you – it hasn’t. I still have some days where I wake up and I forget that my dad’s gone. It’s easier for me to face each reminder of what we’ve been through by having Len, my sisters and mom to walk through the journey together.

I was graciously reminded of advice I received from a friend during a devotional this morning, “don’t put a period where God puts a comma.”  Over the past four years I could have easily looked at the storms my family was going through and allowed it to overtake me, but that isn’t God’s plan. He has a comma to the story. There’s more than just the storm. He has something great planned for each member of my family that’s going through these same storms. Our journeys along the way our different, but He’s carrying each of us through it – if we allow Him to. He’s going to make each of our stories beautiful, because His word says it’s so.



Over the past four years, Ecclesiastes 3:11 has become one of my life verses. When I’m going through a storm this is what the Holy Spirit speaks over me. He’s going to make it beautiful – whatever it is we’re struggling with. Whatever storm we’re facing, one day it will be beautiful. His Word is absolute truth, so why shouldn’t I believe this. When my heart doesn’t feel this way I speak this verse until my heart changes. Seriously. I promise it works!

So, no matter what storms come my way in the future, my prayer today is that I “don’t put a period where God puts a comma.” There’s more to the story than the storm we’re facing.


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