Home Organization – Phase 1 – The Office

Part of my goal for 2013 is to organize and decorate each room in our house from start to finish.  I’d like to make my goal finish one room each month (and yes each bathroom counts as their own room).  I’m starting with the office because that is where I will sew and put together any crafty things for the other rooms.

Below are a few of my inspiration pins for my office.

Source: via Kat on Pinterest

The bad news is that it’s already halfway through January, so I have some work cut out for me. The good news is that I’ve spent all day going through and purging what needs to be purged from the office. It feels great to get rid of things, and it will be even better once our office truly feels like ours!

I’ll post pictures of what the office looks like now, and what it looks like at the end of January!