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What’s in a name?


Years ago, I named my self unloved, worthless and so much more…but then something happened at the end of my freshman year of college. I realized that my joy could only be made complete with the love that Christ offers. I was truly transformed. I could look at the life I lived before that moment I accepted Christ and then at the moment after and realized I was renamed. I was worthy not because I deserved it, but because He offered it freely.

But then years down the road other names came up as I continued on. Going through some pretty tragic storms I could have easily named myself hopeless. Working myself too hard became a very big part of my life. I loved the job I had, lived for it, breathed for it…and then three years later I finally allowed myself to hear what God was saying, what my husband was saying and what my community was saying. God had so much more in store for my life than just being named by my work.  Don’t get me wrong…I really did LOVE my job. But that was the problem. I was more in love with my job than I was with Christ. I was terrified to walk away because for so long I was named by my job.  I was named by my success. I was an achiever. I wanted affirmation from the world more than I thought possible…and then finally eight months ago, God rattled the depths of my heart like I never thought possible. He called me to walk a path I never thought I would. A path that walked me away from the job I had always longed for.

He calls me daughter. He calls to find my name in Him and not in those around me or my circumstances. He calls me to a greater purpose – to glorify Him in all ways. He named me forgiven – no matter how many times my heart wonders. He reminded me that my source of life would never come from anyone around me, not my husband, not my family, not my work and not my community – He is the everlasting source of life. He is the only one that can make my joy complete.

So now, four months into my new job and a completely different lifestyle..God has taught me so much. He’s revealed so much to me over my short time following the She Reads Truth Bible study.  Each day I am genuinely eager to see where He’s leading us, what He’s teaching me and how I can continue to glorify Him and the kingdom.

“Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out.” Ruth 3:18

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